details and Rates

$2,500 is the flat rate for use of the property with an additional security deposit of $250.  This rate includes one full day before the wedding for rehearsal and set-up, as well as the day after the wedding (until 1:00 PM) for clean-up and move-out.  You may book an extra day or evening for rehearsal and rehearsal dinner.  If extra time is needed, just let us know and we can arrange it.

There are ample electrical outlets outdoors and a place for a band to set up with a dance floor.  A dance floor is required and may be rented from Santa Fe Rentals.  The back portal of the house may be used and all furniture will be removed for the caterers to set up, if needed.  Tents, furniture, tables and chairs, linens, place ware, etc. must be rented.  Nothing shall be removed from the private residence for use in the wedding ceremony or rehearsal.

To insure optimal weather conditions, it is best to book after May 20th, unless you want to risk rain and thunderstorms.  You may also use a tent if perfect weather is not an issue for you. We are not responsible for weather conditions, or for any injuries or accidents that may occur on the property.